New frontiers await.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell software, services, products, time or expertise:

If you’ve been winning at the expense of your customers (or society as a whole), your days are numbered.

This is uncharted territory.

Before now, you didn’t have to worry about sustainability, competition from all around the globe, or AI upending your entire industry overnight.

You’re not alone in facing these problems. But just because they’re universal doesn’t mean you can ignore them.

Disruption brings danger – and with it, the opportunity for transformation.

If you’re bold enough to take that first step in the unknown, anything is possible.

Clicks. Conversions. Hits. Views. Followers. Sales. In pursuit of bigger numbers, faster wins & shortcuts to success, we’ve lost sight of what truly matters:


Every choice you make serves to either strengthen the bond you share with your people… or push them further away.

When we view our prospects, customers, team members, and stakeholders through a zero-sum lens – seeking to take rather than give – we create a rift in our relationship.

The more we indulge this perspective, the wider that chasm grows.

A sad story. But it’s one we choose – just as we can choose another.

For the pioneering leaders of tomorrow, a new path beckons.

By putting Human Experience at the core of everything you do, you can add value to the lives of everyone you touch AND have a great business that’s stable, highly profitable, and respected.

That’s the core of HX: an operating system for an age where humanity seems in short supply.

It’s at the beating heart of everything we do at Soul & Compass.

From your branding, marketing and customer acquisition to product design, ongoing support and nurturing your team from the ground up…

It’s time to go beyond the borders of what we know – so we can discover everything that could be.

Beyond buzzwords.

Branding. Marketing. Lead generation. Customer acquisition. Funnels.

These words mean nothing by themselves. Labels have their place: they play a valuable role in helping us communicate with one another. But these terms have been used and abused so many times that they’re pale shadows of what they used to be.

the shift »

Look deeper. Don’t fall prey to buzzwords. They’re meaningless at best, and holding you back at worst. Remember: you don’t have a marketing, branding, or acquisition problem. They’re mere symptoms. All problems are connection problems at their core.

Beyond style over substance.

In the name of getting what’s ours, we seek shortcuts to success, preferring hacks to heavy loads.

Sometimes, these strategies seem to deliver what you’re looking for. Money, orders, market share, ego boosts. From the outside in, it might look like things are going well…

But the results these methods deliver aren’t real. They’re hollow: no substance, and no staying power.

the shift »

Look beyond appearances. Instead of trying to look successful, be successful. Build things that matter – not just things that attract attention. Create something you can be proud of.

Beyond success at all costs.

Your business could be something that makes the world a better place.

Not necessarily in the change a million lives, launch rockets into space better (that’s your choice). But the kind of the everyday excellence that makes life a little brighter for everyone you touch.

The path? Genuinely valuable offerings. Authentic relationships. Long-term collective growth over short-term selfish gain.

the shift »

Greatness is not an abstract ideal we place on a pedestal and aspire to. It’s something we embody in everything we do. No more “success at all costs” – that’s a trap designed to test your mettle. Go further.


Soul & Compass is a boutique HX/HI studio based in the west of Ireland. We help pioneering membership businesses build connections that last a lifetime by putting Human Experience at the core of everything they do.

Aisling O’Rourke

Brand Strategist & Creative Director


John Clancy

Asset Architect & HX Optimiser


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