Our standard client engagements move through three phases.

duration: 2-4 weeks

Find True North

To get things started, we set out together by creating your North Star Roadmap.

This is an in-depth analysis of your current situation, future destination, the unique strengths you bring to the table, and any issues we need to bear in mind before commencing our work.

The insights we glean during this phase are essential to success in the later legs of our journey. That’s why we leverage a combination of proprietary tools and best-practice processes to ensure we have everything we need before moving on.


duration: 4-8 weeks

Plan Your Expedition

With our Roadmap in hand, we’re ready to proceed to the second phase of your quest: in-depth expedition planning.

Here, we work in intensive 2-week blocks to produce Scouting Reports. These identify your most pressing problems, rapidly iterate solutions and unblock the path ahead by proactively removing progress-killing pitfalls along the way.

At the end of each sprint, you’ll have a clear-cut action plan ready for implementation and/or further expansion. We typically complete 2-4 cycles here before moving to the next stage.


duration: 6-24+ weeks

Joint Adventures

During this phase of the process, we move to implementing custom HX solutions designed with your ultimate outcomes in mind.

These solutions build on the execution-ready blueprints devised earlier in our journey. The work we do spans the full HX stack, but is usually focused on product design, top-of-funnel interventions, and crafting deeper connections through strategic content development.

Standard work cycles are 6 weeks long during this phase. After building our initial foundation, we then evaluate our ongoing needs and discuss the possibility of ongoing collaboration.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click. 

Start your quest off right by getting clear on the path ahead.