Social Good


Social Good


It’s easy to do right by yourself.

It’s harder to do right by all the people your business impacts. But it’s still worth doing. Here at Soul & Compass, we believe it’s possible to do good and do well: you don’t need to pick one or the other.

This page shows how we’re choosing to make things better – without compromise.

Operating Principles

Separate to the organisations we support and causes we believe in, we have certain principles we endeavour to stick to at all times.

These impact the way we work, the kind of clients we collaborate with, and the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis. As such, we choose them carefully.

You can read our Operating Principles in full here. For now, here’s how they play out in the domain of Social Good:


We take a constructive, holistic view of our work. Rather than chasing a narrow definition of success at the expense of everything else, we take a broader view of what we’re looking to achieve.


We work with people in ways that build them up rather than breaking them down.


We make the wellbeing of our clients and collaborators a priority. The work matters, and so do the people.


When we work with third parties, we give them the same level of respect we expect from everyone we work with. Fair pay, fair conditions, fair requests and fair work: nothing less will do.


We turn down work for clients we can’t deliver great results for – or that we’re not excited to champion for the good they’ll do.


Short-term thinking works… until it doesn’t. When we’re faced with a decision, we take the long-term view. To do otherwise is to turn our backs on the only mission that matters: leaving things better than we found them.

Fundamental Practices

We know that the bigger our organisation grows, the more impact we can have. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start making a difference today.

Improvement is improvement. If it doesn’t come at the cost of increased progress tomorrow, we see no reason to hold back.

That’s why we do the following as our baseline:

5% First

We set aside 5% of our gross revenue to fund a range of suitable initiatives on a rolling basis.

We see this as a non-negotiable cost of doing business: one we pay gladly, and one that has far-reaching impact.

100% Green Hosting

All web properties we manage or own are hosted on servers powered by green energy sources.

A small decision, but one that makes a difference.

Stripe Climate

We’re an enrolled member of Stripe Climate, offered by the company to finance and support carbon removal technologies.

As one of many global businesses invested in this problem, we’re delighted to contribute to the cause.

Alternative Pricing

We proudly offer alternative rates on all our services to charities, non-profits, and social good enterprises.

We do this because we believe that good work deserves to be supported.

Organisations We Like

We’re committed to championing HX in everything we do.

We believe that as we spread this philosophy, businesses everywhere will be able to serve the people they touch on a deeper and deeper level. And the stronger those bonds grow, the better things get for everyone.

That said, we know there’s more to building a better world than great HX.

That’s why we recognise and value the good work done by organisations everywhere, including the following:

Mossy Earth


One Tree Planted


The Donkey Sanctuary



Red Cross

While we’re not officially affiliated with these organisations, we believe they’re doing their part to make things better. As such, we’re happy to recommend them to anyone seeking a cause to support.


We’re committed to our operating principles and fundamental practices. When opportunities to get involved in projects that align with our values come our way, we jump straight in.

In recent times, these projects have included tree planting, Christmas gifts for underprivileged & at-risk youth, patronage of artistic endeavours, & donating time, money and resources to causes we believe in.


Just reach out by clicking the button below – we’re happy to help.