Who Am I? 🤔

Who Am I? 🤔

I’m Aisling, an Irish girl with a love of all things design and nature.

I have a degree in biology, chemistry and teaching. Although I no longer teach, I learned much about how important it is to nurture young peoples’ creativity.

I’m a Brand Strategist and Creative Director at Soul & Compass, an agency I run with my partner John.

I enjoy photography, with a focus on wildlife. I’ve found that the mindfulness that comes with slowing down reveals so many details that we easily overlook in our everyday lives. 

Painting is another passion of mine (you’re probably noticing a pattern here!) While my work is focussed on design which is outcome based, solving a specific problem, my art is an extension of me. I get to express myself  with no real destination in mind. 

Fitness has always been a big part of my life, ever since I was a kid. These days I do everything from weight lifting to swimming, and even the simpler stuff, like going for walks with my dog Fudge.