Intro to HX

Intro to HX


What makes some experiences memorable, and others utterly forgettable?

What makes us come back to a particular brand again and again, despite the fact that “better”, “cheaper”, or “more convenient” alternatives are readily available?

Why do some businesses thrive in good times & in bad, while others struggle to live up to their potential even when they’re primed to succeed?

The answer to all three questions is simple:


HX provides us with an strategic framework for leveraging that timeless truth for all it’s worth…

Unbreakable connection endures.

Connection is the Key

The moments we look back on most fondly are those where we feel a deep sense of connection.

Ourselves, the people we love, the wider world: the thing we’re connected to doesn’t matter.

We experience transcendence reading quietly in a room alone, immersed in a world of our own making.

We find meaning on the rocky slopes of an achingly tall mountain that we conquer, step by step, with our traveling companions.

And we feel fulfilled by the simple act of creating something – a living manifestation of our energy, expertise and love – that another person enjoys.

When we pierce through the veil that seeks to separate us from life, we feel connected.

That’s what turns mere moments into memories that last a lifetime.

Connection is the conduit of meaning. That’s true for individuals, and it’s true for businesses too.

People are people – no matter what context they operate in.

And just as our quest for connection in our personal lives can lead us to faraway places, the brands that attract us most are those we feel connected to. That’s what drives us to purchase from them, to work for them, to support them any way we can.

Brands that build unbreakable connections with the people they serve don’t need to compete on features, price, convenience, or any other quantifiable metric.

Businesses that paint a compelling picture of a better world don’t just inspire their audience to take action. They also attract world-class contributors looking for great people to ally themselves with.

It’s the same with lenders, investors, suppliers, and everyone else our business touches: connection creates the space for magic to happen across the board.

Connection is the foundation that everything else you do is built on.

With a solid base in place, whatever you put on top is that much more stable.

But without it… even the slightest tremor can send everything you worked so hard to create tumbling to the ground.

Connection is the key. And the way you build deep connection with the people you serve is through great HX.

HX – A Definition

HX is a design & operational philosophy businesses, brands and leaders can use to:


  1. Deliver exceptional experiences
  2. Achieve unrivalled positioning
  3. Craft lifelong connections to the people they serve

Drawing on insights from a wide variety of fields (including evolutionary psychology, behavioural design, process architecture, gamification, quantitative analysis and more), HX is a cross-discipline approach to maximising connection with everyone you touch.

This goes beyond “UX”, “CX”, “TBL”, or any other limited acronym you might have heard of before.

At the core of the HX philosophy is the principle of taking a holistic, human-centered approach to everything you do.

Marketing, onboarding, service fulfillment, retention, scaling your team – the name of the game is forging lifelong connections in all domains.


People are people.

From prospects, customers and collaborators to investors, stakeholders and potential partners, we’re all looking for the same thing:


HX provides us with an strategic framework for building connections that last a lifetime – and for enjoying all the rewards that brings with it.


Why Now?

There are obvious financial reasons to care about connection.

We could talk about how this philosophy will help you:

Attract great prospects

Boost customer LTV

Slash churn rates

Attract top talent

All of the above can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

This stuff matters – and if you employ the principles of HX, you’ll experience all of the above and more.

But we’re here to do more than just take advantage of these paradigms for our financial gain. There are bigger things at stake.

It’s almost an understatement to say that we’re facing historically significant challenges on multiple fronts right now.

Global pandemics. Armed conflict. Rampant inflation. Rising inequality. Increasingly volatile weather patterns. Emerging technology with the potential to change the world and life as we know it.

In the face of these obstacles, it’s normal to feel helpless.

But normal doesn’t mean good. Nor does it mean “correct”.

No matter how limited we may feel our power to affect change is, we have power. That’s a given.

And like a muscle grows stronger with use, so too does our ability to shape the world around us as we take action.

We always have a choice. Rather than descending into darkness, we can orient ourselves towards a brighter future.

You might not notice it at first. You might even feel like your efforts are wasted. But they’re not.

Your choices matter.

Think of everyone you encounter throughout your life. Add up the once-off encounters, daily interactions, routine check-ins – really appreciate the reach you have… the scale of your existence as just one person among billions.

Now imagine how your actions could impact the people around you.

Imagine how those people could find themselves inspired to make slightly better decisions (getting better by the day).

Imagine how those slightly better decisions could compound over time.

A month, year, or decade from now, what could that look like?

Now imagine that it’s not just you taking action to make things better.

It’s millions – or billions – of people, all making decisions that move humanity towards a brighter future.

As for what role business & brands play in all this…

  • Connection is the bridge between you and everyone you touch.
  • Strong connections give you the chance to deliver exceptional experiences.
  • Experience has the power to transform us. There’s no reason why the experiences you deliver can’t be the catalyst (or one among many) of change for the people you serve.
  • With the benefit of energizing experience on their side, there’s no limit to what people can achieve.

Simply put:

This isn’t business as usual.

This is business as a transformational force for good.

If you’re ready to step up & start putting these perspectives into practice, there are five main areas to focus on.


The Five Domains of Great HX

HX operationalises all the insights we’ve discussed so far by helping you build world-class experience into every part of your process.

You do this by optimising across five main domains:

Sometimes, that optimisation is subtle tweaks to bring out the best in what you have.

Other times, it’s more substantial.

Depending on your needs, you might even have to think about rebuilding parts of your foundation from the ground up.

Whatever your situation calls for, remember this:

The only way to achieve sustainable success is to deliver excellence across all fronts.

This is more than simply “boosting conversions”, recruiting great team members to deliver a subpar product, or putting systems in place to convince potential investors you’re a safe bet.

If that’s how you see the world, you’re on the lower path. There, you’ll find yourself perpetually torn between two choices: doing good or doing well.

HX is a new way of seeing the same old problems – a higher path.

Optimise for excellence across these five domains (without forgetting the broader context you operate in) and you’ll craft deeper connections across the board.

And in doing so, you’ll join the ranks of businesses that no longer choose between doing good or doing well.

Instead, you’ll be able to do both: achieve all the success you deserve, create exceptional experiences for everyone you touch and breathe life into your vision of a better tomorrow.

From Theory to Action

If you like what you’ve seen so far, there’s a good chance these ideas could help you on your journey.

HX is timeless, but it’s also an evolving ethos.

And more than that – it’s a practical philosophy… the value of which is best seen it how it’s applied to your situation. Not just in how clever it sounds.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can put these principles to work, we’re here to help.